Happy Keys for your Home or Office

Happy Keys are a Joyful way to color your key ring and aid in finding a specific key quickly. Great for all ages and Perfect gifts for your family and friends.

Fits locks with Kwikset KW1 + KW11, Schlage SC1 & Weiser WR5 Keyways. These keyways are common to most residential & standard office locks. Check your key brand & keyway to make sure they are a match before purchase or come by our shop to have us check it for you.

Select from the following Happy Keys:

Stars n Stripes key

HK1 Stars n Stripes


Tie-Dye key

HK2 Tie-Dye


Happy Faces key

HK3 Happy Faces


Camouflage key

HK4 Camouflage


Moon & Stars key

HK5 Moon & Stars


Balloons key

HK6 Balloons


Rainbow Swirl key

HK7 Rainbow Swirl


Tiger Print key

HK8 Tiger Print


Colored Glass key

HK9 Colored Glass


Pink Leopard Print key

HK10 Pink Leopard Print


Flames key

HK11 Flames


Hearts key

HK12 Hearts


Dolphins key

HK13 Dolphins


Sunflowers key

HK14 Sunflowers


Flowers key

HK15 Flowers


Racing Flags key

HK16 Racing Flags


Sports key

HK17 Sports


Roses key

HK18 Roses


Butterflies key

HK19 Butterflies


Rainbow Clover key

HK20 Rainbow Clover


Mexican Flag key

HK21 Mexican Flag


Puerto Rican Flag key

HK22 Puerto Rican Flag


Italian Flag key

HK23 Italian Flag


Zebra key

HK24 Zebra


Leopard key

HK25 Leopard


Snakeskin key

HK26 Snakeskin


Garden key

HK27 Garden


Canadian Flag key

HK28 Canadian Flag


Kittens key

HK29 Kittens


Puppy key

HK30 Puppy


Queen key

HK31 Queen


Home key

HK32 Home


Teddy Bear key

HK33 Teddy Bear


Police key

HK34 Police


Firefighter key

HK35 Firefighter


We add keys when they come in so check back if you didn't find the key your looking for.

Happy Keys are a Joyful way to bring color to your key ring, and aid you to find a specific key quickly.
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