Disney Keys for your Home or Office

Disney Keys are a Joyful way to color your key ring and aid in finding a specific key quickly. Great for all ages and gifts to your friends.

Fits locks with Kwikset KW1 + KW11, Schlage SC1 & Weiser WR5 Keyways. These keyways are common to most residential & standard office locks. Check your key brand & keyway to make sure they are a match before purchase or come by our shop to have us check it for you.

Select from the following Disney Keys:

Ariel & Friends key

D16 Ariel & Friends


Kermit the Frog key

D21 Kermit the Frog


Kermit and Miss Piggy key

D22 Kermit and Miss Piggy


 Lightning McQueen key

D25 Lightning McQueen


 Mater key

D26 Mater


 Captn Jack Sparrow key

D27 Captn Jack Sparrow


 Skull & Swords key

D28 Skull & Swords


 Tinker Bell key

D46 Tinker Bell


 Fairies key

D47 Fairies


 Disney Princesses key

D48 Disney Princesses


 Disney Princesses key

D49 Disney Princesses


 Disney Princesses key

D53 Disney Princesses


 Sleeping Beauty key

D52 Sleeping Beauty


 The Mad Hatter key

D58 The Mad Hatter


 The Red Queen key

D59 The Red Queen


 Princess Tiana key

D60 Princess Tiana


 Dastan key

D61 Dastan


 Mickey Mouse key

D82 Mickey Mouse


 Mickey Mouse 1928 key

D62 Mickey Mouse 1928


 Minnie Mouse key

D83 Minnie Mouse


 Donald Duck key

D84 Donald Duck


 Goofy key

D85 Goofy


 Chip N Dale key

D86 Chip "N" Dale


 Buzz & Woody key

D63 Buzz & Woody


 Tinker Bell Wingin It key

D65 Tinker Bell Wingin It


 Jack Skellington key

D66 Jack Skellington


 Stitch Surfing key

D67 Stitch Surfing


 Lightcycle key

D68 Lightcycle


 CLU key



 Rinzler key

D70 Rinzler


 Princess Aurora True Princess key

D71 Princess Aurora True Princess


 Disney Princesses True Royalty key

D72 Disney Princesses True Royalty


 Lady & The Tramp key

D73 Lady & The Tramp


 Winnie the Pooh-Hug Me key

D74 Winnie the Pooh-Hug Me


 Tigger-Lets Bounce key

D75 Tigger-Lets Bounce


 Eeyore-Have You Seen My Tail key

D76 Eeyore-Have You Seen My Tail


 Tinker Bell Naughty & Nice key

D77 Tinker Bell Naughty & Nice


 101 Dalmatians key

D78 101 Dalmatians


 Bambi & Thumper key

D79 Bambi & Thumper


 Phineas & Ferb key

D80 Phineas & Ferb


 Agent P key

D81 Agent P


 Finn & Francesco key

D88 Finn & Francesco


We add keys when they come in so check back if you didn't find the key your looking for.

Disney Keys are a perfect way to bring color to your key ring, and aid you to find a specific key quickly. Great for the kids and gifts to your friends.
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